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So I am looking into speed running this game as I feel it would be fun. Does anyone have some tips of great tactics to try? I gotta assume Jp Scroll and duplicate help a lot. I am about to watch the WR run now so we will see what comes through with that. Thanks!

ho ! I would be curious about this clip too. As an ancient ff8 speedrunner, I never heard about that, nor see it once.

When you talk about this skip, i'm thinking about raiding the long rail train from timber through FH to Esthar with BGU ship. But I never achieved this during my childhood.

Re: Esthar Clip in FFVIII by OnynekyuOnynekyu, 24 Dec 2015 16:57

Sorry for the late answer.

About excel file. The important point is about NPC observation. For the 3 first column are pretty easy to understand. The fourth one can be hard to understand, so Amshagar (excel file author) made a video to explain different situation for this column.

About the second skip that Hide mentioned, it's Amsha-Beuj skip (it is an upgrade of Amshagar skip made by Beuj-Sensei). Now, there is a translation version in english

Like Hide, i can't post link here, but every videos and tools are on ff8 speedrun[dot]com page. Feel free to take a look.

If you still have trouble with Amshagar skip (excel), feel free to ask any question.

Good luck and Have fun,

Hello! :) My name is Kōhai, but my online name is Lovingood2799. I am a Final Fantasy and Zelda speedrunner and I am very active in both of these communities. I am transgendered and very proud to be.
Stealinbread, who was an FF4 runner previously, was the person that introduced me to this community. We are very good friends and he helps me with Final Fantasy knowledge.
I am currently learning FF7, 9, 10 and Crystal Chronicles. I will eventually move to Type-0 and probably 10-2 and 12 any%. I've learned FF4 Paladin for racing but I have no desire to learn Any% or no64 for the game because I know how stressful the game is to run.
I have been speedrunning for a year or so now, where I started with Ocarina of Time Any% and now I've moved far from then.

Okay so I just was told that a way to clip into Esthar with the flying garden in Disc 2 would save a lot of time. I was told 2 hours and idk if that's true but that's what I'm going with. I would like any information about this clip as to give me information on how to get this clip to work. Thank you for any advice or if anyone has made any discoveries on this topic at all. Any information is appreciated

Esthar Clip in FFVIII by Lovingood2799Lovingood2799, 16 Dec 2015 18:58

Hi mate

As i know you have 2 ways to do it.

First one is Amasha-skip which is done with an excel just ask to a ff8 runner to give you the file.
The second one i know is the BeujSkip. you can found it there it's in french but we did english translate page. ( i can't post link sorry )

Have fun

Hey guys,

New to speedrunning FF8, currently working on some notes/strats for FF8.

One thing I'm having trouble with is skipping tomb of the fallen king for the student ID without saving/resetting.

I've found an excel spreadsheet that is supposed to let you the ID based on the appearance of NPC's at certain time in Deling City.

Upon trying to test it against speedruns on Youtube and my own short runs, I'v only got it to work twice out of 20 times. Even changing the variables by one, or Zell and Quistis card has no affect.

Is this still a strategy that current runners are using, or has some other strategy been developed to skip the tomb during a single segment run.

Appreciate your help!


Hi guys,

I'm SienZ from Malaysia, and have been a long time fan of FFIX.

Recently looked into speed runs and got hooked, and will be looking into doing one of my own after I manage to get some practice in.

I'm currently limited to playing on PC emulator, and I have noticed that my times are pretty slow compared to other benchmarks. Should I be looking into getting a PS2? And if so, what model? I understand for the disc, the NTSC version is better as it runs at a faster framerate.

Look forward to being in touch with you guys.

Re: Introduce yourself topic! by SSienZSSienZ, 14 Sep 2015 06:27

Yes a majority of the runners from agree on both points of what Cereth said and is banned from any%. So if the FF wiki wants to add the rule here to match the it's up to you all. If you wish to continue to run with the leveling glitch you can submit it as another category. I am sure they will accept it. It would just go under categories without competition for the time being until other runners run that category. Or if the wiki wants make it a NG+ run? Up to you all.


In my opinion this exploit should be banned for any%, because a level 99 (or increased level) run would be very similar to a NG+ run, so if you intend on leveling up this way you might as well just run a NG+ category. The only difference would be some weapons/items and you'd have to spend some time learning some abilities (and do chapter 1 at a normal level).

It's also worth noting that in the FF community we separate categories by console, so arguing how close you are to PC times is irrelevant. We're also open to making categories for basically anything you want to run as long as the category beats the game. So yes, you can run with this exploit and have it as a separate category as you like.

This may or may not apply to the leaderboards, I don't really have any affiliation or influence on that

well to be far the glitch works in days of 1 and the most u can get is 4 lvls at a time. on top of that i don't really see it saving time on Pc much but for PS4 and xboxone i can see it saving a lot of time. pls u cant start it until near the end of chapter 2. and if its that bad of thing why not make it its on category? It just weird to just ban it right out with out looking in to it that much. That in a way closes alot u could possibly do if we do find new ways to save time cause glitches would be just kicked. Im still doing it in my runs knowing that wont take my runs and so far it is going faster then normal. I beat the ps4 WR even though i missed up really bad but yet not even close to what PC times are. So banning it out right before even looking at it is just wrong in my opinion.
What do everyone think about it?

SRL GLossary= Any%= A run with no additional completion requirements; anything goes. The "default" category for speedrunning a game. The term comes from the old school Metroid speedrunning community. Metroid has a percentage counter, while other games may not, but the term stuck around.


I just wanted to see what opinions people have on this and to get the forums active again. :—)

Type-0 Leveling Glitch involves manipulating the Secret Training feature in Type-0 by changing your console/PC date 1 year ahead (or whatever time you put in) to gain free exp/AP and all that good stuff for 1 character. This also has no limit on how many times you can do this.

Any opinions about this on if it should be banned or not banned? Would you consider this hardware manipulation?
Currently it is banned on the site being that it is a very small community.

Personally I would not find it enjoyable to do in a run and that I do agree with it being banned. But that is just me.
So opinions on this matter or input?


These forums are almost completely dead and void of any activity. Feel free to post or reply to anything, but don't expect a response

Currently most of the FF runners are active on IRC for chat/discussions, I'd recommend you redirect there instead of this forum

You can find us on #finalfantasy on

Easy method to get there is use (You don't need a password unless you intend to race), then type /join #finalfantasy in the chat.

More 'permanent' (recommended if you intend to be here often) method is to download an IRC client such as mIRC, Xchat or hexchat and join the channel from there.

Youtube tutorial by Doicm for that: (mIRC)

PS3 is slower than PS2 for PS1 games.
PS3 is however faster for PS2 games (1st gen models for most games) but is generally frowned upon and isn't the 'accepted' console to play on. I wouldn't say it's banned per se, but nobody does any PS2 runs on PS3.

Also these forums are quite dead so I wouldn't expect much activity if any, I'd recommend the IRC channel #finalfantasy on for discussion

Re: PS1 FF games on PS3 by CerethsCereths, 22 Aug 2015 20:53

I asked this in my other topic, but I'm not sure many people saw it so I thought I would post a new thread asking as well with a more appropriate title. For load times, etc.. of PS1 FF games, has anyone tried using the PS3 (either digital or physical copy) to see if it is any faster than the PS2? I have been using the SCPH-90001 and it is quite good with the loading times, but since we can't skip FMV's (in FF9 at least) I thought the PS3 may be even faster, but I wasn't sure. I haven't done tests yet, but I may try to do some time tests soon to see if I can find any speed differences. Also, is the PS3 even allowed for runs?

PS1 FF games on PS3 by MontytheMoogleMontytheMoogle, 21 Aug 2015 15:37

Thanks so much, I've been reviewing your excellent run and it has been very helpful so far. And thanks for letting me know the guidelines because I had a hard time tracking them down. Had another quick question: Have you tried using the PS3 (either digital or physical copy) to see if it is any faster than the PS2? I have been using the SCPH-90001 and it is quite good with the loading times, but since we can't skip FMV's I thought the PS3 may be even faster, but I wasn't sure. Yeah I'm still not sure if I'm going to do the same kind of run as you or a E2PG, but I'll try to narrow down a decision.

Hey there Monty, Im happy to answer any questions you may have, especially about the segmented part. The only guidelines that are set in place for this category is that there can be no FMV skipping and no modding of playstation hardware. Other than that, the category is open entirely to any other tricks or glitches you can find, it is really more of an any%/lowest in game time run than anything else. If you really want to try for the record, feel free to watch and study my run while doing a practice playthrough of your own, while trying to figure out some different strats. I have a feeling a bit of time could be saved in random spots with different equipments and a lot of planning, but other than that, the current route of mine is pretty optimized except for a few times I saved when I should have just combined segments. If you want to do a low level/every missable item run thats known as an E2PG (Excalibur 2 Perfect Game) and there are some fantastic guides and videos out there to get that done, although it is HARD. Best of luck!

Hi everyone, I'm a bit new to this site as well as speed runs in general, but I've run 9 a few times and I wanted to try and go for a segmented run record. I've tried doing some searches for the FF9 run guidelines, but I can't find much. I've also tried messaging some of the current record holders, but to no avail. I am new though like I said so I am probably doing something wrong. Can anyone point me in the direction of the run guidelines? I've watched a few of the runs, both segmented and not, and it seems the FMV's are not skipped, so that was helpful to know. Any other tips/tricks anyone knows that may help me? I also want to do a run that's a little different from the current segmented runs, which is a "lowest level possible with all characters, obtain all missable items" run, which may create a new type of run anyway with me being the first in the category. Either way, is this the place I would go to in order to discuss what this run would entail? Thanks for any input.

Hey all!

I'm CourtesyofTino, a speedrunner from the US. I've actually been lurking about for a long time! The SNES in particular is my most nostalgic console, so the majority of my speedruns are there. Right now I'm working on FFIV Any%, both 64 floor and no 64 floor, but I do hope to add several non-FF games into the fold, such as ALTTP, Super Castlevania IV, Super Metroid (pipe dream…), and then branching out to some other consoles.

Azn, Griever, Rotom, & Neros were nice enough to stop by my stream yesterday during some of my practice for any% and yell about how everything I know is wrong, then they pointed me here and to many of the top runners. Azn also showed me some awesome route notes too! That I promptly lost the link to T.T

I'll be streaming frequently in the coming days as I work on the run, so I'm excited to get more involved in the community. I'm always open to feedback on how to improve my runs/times, so don't hesitate to stop by and enjoy the fun :). Thank you all! I look forward to meeting more of you fine gentlemans someday soon, and beware… I will be checking out your streams. ALL THE STREAMS

Hi, I'm Ony from France,

I started speedrunning since february 2015 thank to SpeedRaces community ( a french community of RPG speedrun) and ElbodYkso's FF8 race .

With a lot of time, I plan to speedrun from FF7 to FF13-3 because I love Final Fantasy Series (and some side games maybe). Futhermore and to be honest, I really like FF community, with a lot of great runners/streammers and this site where people make a great job.

But currently and for personal reasons, I cannot speedrun anymore for several months. I am not in hurry, so I'll take my time to fix everything in my life and then come back to the world of speedrun when I'll be ready.

You guys are all awesome ! See you soon on twitch !
Ony ( ^^)

Re: Introduce yourself topic! by OnynekyuOnynekyu, 13 Jul 2015 22:44
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